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21st August 2010

12:34pm: yessah

(at least for the raunchier posts)

Comment, you know the drill. =)

3rd October 2007

12:16am: because Fonda totally and suddenly reminded me
that Marco is a stud.
moreCollapse )

17th September 2007

9:09pm: Draw Steph Brown!

Draw Steph Brown! Black Mask, you diiiie. I wanted to color this but I have to get up early to make phallic sandwiches at Subway's tomorrow!
Current Mood: enthralled

14th September 2007

12:11pm: take me, take me somewhere new

Another comic-related doodle with yaoi implications!

31st July 2007

11:32am: AH!
I got into Art Center!
Current Mood: awake

28th June 2007

9:18pm: pre-AX!

I gotta get out this outta my system before I keep packing and sleepCollapse )

Anyhoo, guys! I'll be selling prints of this! They turned out pretty awesome, so I hope they end up selling well. SEE YOU GUYS THERE!!! =D!

Current Mood: sleepy

19th February 2007

7:00pm: Draw Supergirl!

For Draw Supergirl!

Happy Yellow New Year, guys! Hope you guys got alot of moolah and I'll do a real post another day.

Current Mood: chipper

21st January 2007

10:42pm: Dream makes some awesome icons.
Oh yeah! An extra, public-er post. I updated zongzipals. It's got a gorilla harassing a woman!~
Current Mood: busy

29th December 2006

9:37am: sketchblog
Hey guys, I totally made a new sketchblog where there's bound to be doodles of pikachus and art things from a bunch of other people soon!

I kinda hate the fact that it's already Friday, meaning after this there's only one more week until we go back to hell school. Balls! So far all I've done since getting back from Mammoth is eat my weight in Ginger Snaps and cookie dough and doodle. Man oh man, someone's living the good life.

I promise I'll get to doing something interesting real soon and I'll blog about it. In the meantime, out for a run!

Current Mood: awake

27th December 2006

2:30am: A fresh start!
So like, a very brief intro!

Why the fuck did you make a new LJ? Excuses!Collapse )

The old LJ was a super spiff LJ, sexified by Dream's HTML skills and all, but I kinda grew out of it as the year passed and I didn't feel I could really make the blog mine. So why not try again and come up with a new LJ for the new upcoming year? Either that, or I just felt like it. Whatevs, ne?

Why 'talltarded?' Reasons!Collapse )

Why do you like lj-cuts so much? Whee!Collapse )

I'll have a sketchblog up soon for a bunch of buddies, so beware!

Happy Holidays, guys!

Current Mood: accomplished
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